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Pregnancy Services

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Pregnancy Testing
Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy Testing

If you’re concerned that you may be pregnant, the next step you can take is to have a pregnancy test performed. Birth Choice Centers offers pregnancy testing as well as a pre-ultrasound consultation if the test is positive, at no cost.

Ultrasound Testing

Viability Ultrasounds

If you have received a positive pregnancy test at Birth Choice Centers, you might be eligible for limited obstetric ultrasound. Having an ultrasound will determine if your pregnancy is viable (meaning the fetus is alive). This knowledge is critical in making a pregnancy decision.

Ultrasounds are provided through referral to onsite doctors office.

Pregnancy Education

Pregnancy Education

Once a pregnancy is confirmed; comprehensive, evidence-based information is provided related to all potential pregnancy decisions so you can make a truly informed decision. We will support your decision making process by providing a safe place to talk through your concerns.

Abortion Pill Reversal

Abortion Pill Reversal

Sometimes people change their mind once they have begun a medical abortion. We are here to connect women with the right healthcare professionals to do everything possible to reverse the process.

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