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Pregnant and Looking for an Abortion?

Have you taken a home pregnancy test…or two?  Do you think you are pregnant and want to know if abortion is the way to go?  Please call us at Birth Choice of Temecula so we can discuss all your options with you before you have an abortion.  There are so many things to know so you owe it to yourself to be educated by those who have been there.  Get a free pregnancy test, talk to a counselor, see what your baby really looks like at this moment, find out the risks to the pills, surgeries etc.  Find out what issues you might deal with in your future if you have an abortion.  Get educated and make a decision that you can live with.  See all our wervices under Our Services on our website at  or call us at 951-699-9808 Ext O

We’re here to help and our caring staff will take good care of you.

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