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RU-486 Abortion Risks

Are you considering taking the RU–486 Abortion pill? Then you need to learn more about RU-486 Abortion Risks. Stop and consider all your options and all the risks. Read about Holly Patterson who took this combination of pills and died from complications at age 18.  She was a very healthy young lady, athletic and had everything to look forward to. Still, her life was ended because she wanted a quick fix to the pregnancy that her Dad didn’t know about.  Her boyfriend took her for an abortion. In the few days afterward, she was reaching out for help because of terrible pain and infection and help came too late.

Our clients tell us that this abortion is very painful.  Some describe very heavy bleeding and infection and others have seen their child in their own hand after delivery at home or in a public bathroom and are suffering emotional trauma due to this experience.

Might parenting or adoption be  better alternatives? Slow down…think through all your options and do talk to your family about this if you can. You need to weigh out all the risks ,both now and in your future. Decide if your relationship can survive the trauma of abortion,  decide if you want to risk your health with the pills or a surgery.  There are always risks.  We are now open on Monday through Thursday (10:00 to 5:00) and have added hours on Saturday 10:00-1:00 to provide a pregnancy test and counseling.  Call us at Birth Choice of Temecula 951-699-9808 Ext O and we can make an appt for you.



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Pregnant and Looking for an Abortion?

Have you taken a home pregnancy test…or two?  Do you think you are pregnant and want to know if abortion is the way to go?  Please call us at Birth Choice of Temecula so we can discuss all your options with you before you have an abortion.  There are so many things to know so you owe it to yourself to be educated by those who have been there.  Get a free pregnancy test, talk to a counselor, see what your baby really looks like at this moment, find out the risks to the pills, surgeries etc.  Find out what issues you might deal with in your future if you have an abortion.  Get educated and make a decision that you can live with.  See all our wervices under Our Services on our website at  or call us at 951-699-9808 Ext O

We’re here to help and our caring staff will take good care of you.

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I Had an Abortion and Now I Need Help

If you or someone you know has had an abortion and now you’re suffering because of it–or you think you may be having problems because of it please consider this: 1) If you have a medical complication, seek help from your doctor or the ER immediately; 2) If you feel depressed and need to get help, please speak with a counselor, a medical doctor and get post-abortion healing through Peace Restored or Rachel’s Vineyard.  They have retreats that can help you and they are facilitated by people who have been where you are.  See Our Services page at for more areas that we can help.

If you want to share your abortion story please contact Silent No More.

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Considering an Abortion and Don’t Know Where to Go?

If you are pregnant or think you are pregnant, you owe it to yourself to first 1) Get a Free Pregnancy Test; 2) Consider all your options; 3) Take some time to think it over and talk to your family or closest friend if you think that will help.  Birth Choice of Temecula will provide a free pregnancy test, options counseling, insurance and medical referrals, practical support during your pregnancy and after. We can also tell you about abortion types, risks, costs and how an abortion might affect your future.

If you’ve had an abortion, we can also help you to get post abortion healing.  Check out all our services at under Our Services.  Call 951-699-9808 Ext 0 and let us help you.  We are caring and confidential and we want to help you.


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